Checklist for Preparing a Student with a Disability for a Post Secondary Education is a year by year guide for preparing a student with a disability for college/training.

Year by Year Checklist

Going- to-College features videos of college students with disabilities and provides tips for how to plan ahead for postsecondary education. It’s an interactive site, designed for teens to return to over time as they take steps toward their future.

Considerations for College provides parents, counselors, teachers and students with a list of helpful skills and necessary steps to take to prepare for college.

Considerations for College

The ACT Now Parent Booklet was designed by Northampton Community College’s Achieving College Transition “ACT NOW” program to offer parents information about the laws governing students with disabilities, procedures for accessing services, and the responsibilities of students at the post secondary level.

ACT Now Parent Booklet

Northampton Community College’s the ACT Now Student workbook allows students to explore their disability, understand how their disability affects them academically, and offers preparedness for post secondary education.

ACT Now Student Workbook

Navigating College:  A Handbook on Self Advocacy is a guide to preparing for and succeeding at the post secondary level.  The guide is for students with Autism and is written by students and adults with Autism.

Navigating College Handbook

College Board link for SAT/ACT accommodations:

The Heath Resource Center at George Washington University’s module on accommodations provides information about accommodations students can expect in post secondary programs, how these accommodations may be different from those offered in high school, and how to plan ahead to apply for accommodations.

A checklist for families to take to their college visits:

College campus visit checklist

Education Planner provides information on how to make the best out of your college visits.