Preparing the ingredients for healthcare transition

Having a disability does not mean that you cannot be healthy.  Maintain good health and wellness is a critical aspect of achieving a successful adult life.  As a youth grows older, his or her needs often change.  Additionally, the services available also change.  It is important for a youth to understand what changes may occur and to help them be prepared.


Healthcare transition is the process of moving from pediatric medicine to the adult care system.  For youth with disabilities, this change can affect what doctors they use, services available, service providers, and method of receiving care.  This section of the toolkit includes information on maintaining necessary medical care, recording medical information, and preparing for adult medicine.


Health & Wellness Powerpoint


Time Away From Home
organizes all “away from home” information

In Case of Emergency
by Seattle’s Children’s is a form for emergency info

Healthcare Notebook
by Seattle’s Children’s is a health care form

PA Transition Healthcare Checklist
by the PA DOH has checklists and contact info

Healthcare Skills Checklists
by the University of Washington addresses a list of skills that you should be able to complete in order to transition

Health History Summary
by the University of Washington is a form for organizing health history

It Is Your Future
by Shriners Hospitals is a guide for healthcare, school, and work


What Is Important to Me Circle Activity
by the Wisconsin Community Of Practice helps youth transition

PYLN Healthcare Toolkit
prepares youth for transition to adult healthcare

When You’re 18
by the CMS Network provides quizzes and activities to prepare for transition

The Bread and Butter of Wellness:

Staying healthy means more than seeing the doctor, taking your medicine, and going therapy, it also means staying WELL.  Wellness involves creating balance and healthy living habits.  This section addresses stress, exercise, diet, mental health, and finding balance.


Destination Health
by the Southwest Institute is a form that addresses wellness


What Is Important to Me Circle Activity
Assists youth in identifying priorities

Time Management
Includes helpful ideas on how to use time wisely

Reflections and Act Activity
by Seattle’s Children’s deals with emotions


Healthcare White Paper
This policy paper is to assist youth in advocating for issues important to youth with disabiliti